I’m thrilled you are exploring what life could be like with a coach by your side.
The next step is to schedule a 40 minute free consultation to see if coaching together is the right fit.
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Below tells you a lot more about how coaching works and how we would work together.
Please read this before we have our discovery call.

Spending an hour, a week, or an entire year with me is like co-creating with your biggest fan, candid advisor, and strategic thought partner. I’ll support you to:

  • Gain clarity about what you want

  • Tap into, trust, and rely on your own wisdom and expertise

  • Build action plans, track your progress, and achieve new levels of success

You’ll feel inspired, sustained, and transformed in:


  • Design + launch your idea, promotion, or venture without compromising yourself

  • Bring your unique gifts, passions, and dreams into the world

  • Increase your results (impact, finances, communication, creativity ++)

  • Play at a higher level, know, and ask for what you are worth

  • Implement habits + systems to be more efficient


  • Self: develop practices that connect you to your genius + most creative thinking

  • Other: gain clarity about what you want to give and receive in your relationships

  • Attract the people and community you want into your life

  • Transition more easily from work to home and from home to work


  • Design + implement a plan to feel healthy, inspired, peaceful, and productive

  • Feel more confident, less afraid of criticism, and more comfortable with self-promotion

  • Reconnect with yourself, your partner and other relationships as a source of nourishment and joy

We meet by phone or Zoom (3) times a month for 60 minute coaching sessions.
Each session includes pre-assignments completed by you and follow up notes of our conversation including commitments and action plans emailed from me to you.
I recommend tools, books, and other resources that are specific to your goals, needs, and desires.
You have access to unlimited email + text coaching from me between sessions.
You can call me for quickie laser coaching (10 minutes or less) as needed. (I've got your back!!)

You’ll set the agendas for our calls. I’ll support you to access your best thinking, identify and link your short + long-term goals, and develop multiple plans to achieve them. I support you in the implementation of those plans, including shifts in your behaviors and beliefs.

Ongoing Coaching Includes:

  • Regularly scheduled calls or Zoom Video calls

  • Pre-call exercises

  • Post-call assignments

  • Summary notes after each call

  • Email and text contact as needed between scheduled calls

  • Recommended books, tools, and other resources curated for you along your journey

  • My never ending belief and cheering you on!


  • 6-month Coaching Package: $7,200 (or pay monthly, $1,200)

  • 12-month Coaching Package: $13,000 (or pay monthly, $1,083)

  • In-person Launch, Visioning, Strategy, or GSD (get shit done) Day $2,000 + travel expenses

Don't see what you want? Ask me! {You will never know what's possible without asking.}

Let's do this,