I made this course for you. You’re exceptional, you have heart, ambition, and talent.  

And you’re ready. Ready to launch or grow your dream,  your idea, your venture. 

You know there is a better way, a soulful way, a way that keeps you vibrant, turned on, and lit up.

So, together with a community of brilliant women like you, you'll launch, tapped into your wisdom, using your hustle, and finding your flow.


0// Define Your THANG: Define the core of what you want to pour your time (however much or little you have) into. Align it with your passion + super power. Design a future vision + action plan so delicious you’ll want to start now.   {this module is optional - if you are already clear on your venture, project, hustle - skip it!}

1// Make Time to Launch or Grow Your Dream:  Break the habit of saying yes when you mean no, identify, notice and change the patterns that keep you from starting + growing your venture, and learn how contemplation, sleep, and non-work can launch your ideas further than hustle.

2// Be Your Own Consultant + Guru:  Find, use, and trust your own wisest voice + intuition as a business tool + stop seeking outside approval.

3// Launch+ Grow Even in the Face of Your Fears: Accelerate your venture by letting go of perfectionism, learning to test and allow your ideas to fail, make bigger bolder asks, and worry less.

4// What is Victory for Me? Define what “winning” looks like for your venture, create a clear action plan to achieve it, align your time and effort with the action plan, activate, and celebrate!

5// Own Your Worth! Shift the story in your head from self-doubt to expertise and ask for + receive more.


  • Consistently be able to connect to your heart, desires and wisdom

  • Define your desires (career, love, health, family, community)

  • Clarify your goals

  • Leverage your unique strengths

  • Be fearless + bold in your work + daily life

  • Know and receive what you’re worth

  • Increase your financial power

  • Speak clearly and with impact

  • Unplug from outside approval and permission

  • Limit your self-doubt and criticism

  • Build a sustainable self-care practice that keeps you connected to your intuition, wisdom and desire

  • Be comfortable saying no, asking for what you want and finding solutions that work without giving in, feeling selfish or selling out


  • This is a LIVE online course. We'll meet online once a week!

  • It's four weeks long

  • It includes four live interactive live video workshops with me aligned with four modules of learning

  • It includes worksheets for every module + call

  • You will learn on the calls, practice in the weeks between the calls, and hold one another accountable to bold action weekly

  • You'll be a part of an Uncompromising Group - 2-3 other women who meet regularly for accountability, connection, and practice