WISDOM + HUSTLE Circles: A Women's Business Circle

six months, 10 women, inspiration, goals, accountability, & community

next sessions start february 2018

San Francisco + Laguna Beach


first, take a deep breath.
I learned after years of hustling to the point of exhaustion that YOUR SUCCESS DOESN'T HINGE ON YOUR HUSTLE.
I still love a busy day. 
But now I know that once you're on fire and clear why you are alive, THAT is what fuels your hustle. 



Here's what I've created for you darlin.  

(6) Wednesday evenings
6:00-9:00 PM

W I S D O M: Once a month you'll meet as a community of wholehearted women where I'll guide you to find freedom from overwhelm, exhaustion, and doubt.

You will start to live awake, inspired, and gloriously clear why you were put on this planet.

You'll become more you.

This won't be about pushing or doing, it'll be about hearing the honest whisper of your heart.

You'll start to say YES to what feels alive & NO to what dulls your edges.

And where there are women...there will be food, chocolate, wine, music, meditation, laughter, and soulful connection.

You'll use this new fire and spaciosness in your life to inspire your business to a new level.
And then we'll add a little hustle baby!
(if you are not running or starting a venture, YES, you can participate in the WISDOM only)

(4) LIVE VIDEO conferences
11:30-1:00 PM

H U S T L E:  You'll learn critical business skills (see below for curriculum) from inspiring experts. Once a month you'll join from the comfort of your home or office for a 90 minute session via live video. You'll learn, share best practices, set ambitious goals, get shit done, and hold each other accountable as soulful creative business women.

what you'll get

  • Private 1-1 Coaching with me  -  (1) 30 min session to use “when you need  it" to get unstuck.
  • 3 (3 hour) WISDOM sessions in Laguna Beach to nourish your soul + leave you awake, passionate, + connected.
  • Light Dinner at Laguna workshops
  • 4 (90) minute HUSTLE sessions via live video featuring guest business experts who'll teach a new business tool + give laser coaching to you for your venture. 
  • Sisterhood accountability groups - Connect + collaborate with your own subgroup of visionary women from the program. Process your ideas, problems, and possibilities with feedback from people who get you + will help you maintain momentum.
  • My love + support - You'll have me on your team to live wide awake + rock your dreams.

This is your course.  You get to choose how much you want to take on + what feels right + delicious.

the learning

Each of your WISDOM + HUSTLE sessions have a specific focus + objective described below.
And we leave room for connection, magic, and spontaneity.

W  I  S  D  O  M    s e s s i o n s

CONNECT IN: You'll take a life inventory of what lights you up, makes you feel free, alive, and awake. You'll track what leads to your exhaustion, doubt, and overwhelm. You will learn the art of INTERRUPTING THE HABIT OF SAYING YES WHEN YOU MEAN NO.

FALL AWAKE: You'll cleanse your days and weeks of the things that drain you. You'll experiment with new habits that bring in desire, thrill, and joy. You'll articulate why you were put on this earth + how you want to experience your calling.  You'll design a week crafted to bring you closer to your wisdom, clarity, and freedom and further from away numbness. 

BE MORE YOU: You'll write your owners manual: a guide to how you function best, what kind of care and feeding you need, + what rhythms support you to come alive fully.  You'll rewrite your history, in a way that feels powerful and heroic. You'll design your life mission statement. 

OWN YOUR WORTH: You will identify where you are hardwired to feel like a fraud and together you will rewire your brain to own and communicate your expertise. You will feel your heart burst with gratitude for your life + your place on the planet.

H  U  S  T  L  E   s e s s i o n s

BUSINESS PLAN: Complete a plan + profit & loss statement for your biz so you operate with your vision + goals front and center.

CORE MESSAGE: Clarify your core message + how to best communicate it in social media, in networking, and on your website.

YOUR CUSTOMER JOURNEY: From IG+FB, to your website, to your store front; define how you use words + love to guide your tribe where you want them to go.

COMMUNICATE WITH POWER: Notice where you undercut your power through your communication and start writing and speaking with impact.

when + where


6:00-9:00 PM in LAGUNA BEACH

Wednesdays 1x per month




11:30-1:00 PM VIDEO

Wednesdays 1x per month



how much? 

$ 7 0 0  for both WISDOM + HUSTLE
[or $200 a month]



$ 6 0 0 for WISDOM ONLY
[or $150 a month]