Performance Management

In order for you to build a world-class team we’ll help you and your team develop a set of transparent and measurable performance goals. These will keep your team simultaneously inspired by the vision and clear on what actions to take daily, weekly, and quarterly in order to “win”. We will build these new or use your company’s model (OKR, KPI, OMG, etc.).

To ensure success we’ll:

  1. Custom design trainings for your team to successfully build their annual and quarterly goals on time and on track.

  2. Train your leadership team to implement performance metrics as management tools, integrating them into weekly meetings and regular communication.

  3. Support you and your team to implement performance metrics as a tool for daily, weekly, monthly time planning, prioritization, communication, and performance planning.

Performance Coaching.

We’ll provide 1:1 performance coaching to your lowest and/or highest performers to get them to the next level quickly. We’ll help them achieve their goals and strategy by:

  • Generating motivation by identifying how their work goals relate to their life goals

  • Increasing their creativity + productivity by improving their energy + mindset daily

  • Elevating their performance through radical focus using their goals as priorities daily