Come With Me

Thanks for being patient while I found the courage to get in touch with you. If you are reading this, you probably signed up to receive my blog posts after watching my Tedx Talk, Meet Yourself: A User's Guide to Building Self-Esteem. So here I am, letting go of a pile of fear! Fear of not being a good enough writer. Fear that it has all been said before. Fear that I won’t have enough to share.

My Inspiration

I recently bumped into a few of the “girls” I used to work with who are now women. They are beautiful, powerful, articulate and searching. And they’ve lived inspired by the tools we created together, tools that inspired us to feel better about ourselves. These women inspired me to keep living that life and to share these tools with you. 

I am often simultaneously awed and paralyzed when I read an inspiring blog post. I feel high and I want to embody the ideas but am not entirely sure how and so the inspiration slowly dissipates. My intention here is to share vulnerable insights along with the tools that have helped me inch closer to moments of lightness when everything suddenly feels easier, buoyant and possible. This will be a site built on tools.

We Can Shift Our Lives with New Habits

I believe we can shift our lives, that our experience is largely in our hands (and minds) and that the shift comes in forming new habits. This is not easy work! If we want to feel something different than we have been feeling, we need to think different thoughts than we are used to thinking. Over and over. It means choosing again and again moment after moment to think a new thought until our brain reroutes itself into a new norm. In every moment we are faced with a choice to either think the same way we have for so long and produce the same results or (let's take a breath here) choose a new way of thinking and get to feel a new feeling. It can feel so hard along the way. But imagine the possible result. Imagine the day your brain gets it. Imagine having felt envious of friends every time they had a big win and then suddenly starting to feel excited for them. Imagine having spent 10 years looking in the mirror and only seeing your flaws and then stepping up to the mirror and suddenly starting to see your beauty.

“If we want to feel something different than we have been feeling, we need to think different thoughts than we are used to thinking.”

Join Me On This Journey

I invite you to join me and one another to chose an area you want to reroute. Use the tools I am posting (and practicing, failing, succeeding, struggling, trying!), commit to them for a period of time, track your progress, share your challenges and wins and let’s see what kind of freedom we can discover together. This road is too wild and bumpy to go alone. Let's travel together and share our best practices, reach out when we need help and celebrate when we feel a shift. Imagine, together, feeling those shifts from envious to excited, from flawed to beautiful, from lonely to grounded, from critical to accepting, from uncertain to badass.

“I am ready to let go of thinking in ways that leave me feeling less than free - come with me!”

Leave a comment below. Share what kind of freedom you are seeking. What can you imagine is possible for yourself? What tools and support do you most want?

niko everett