Go For The No

When I was fundraising for Girls for A Change one of the best pieces of advice I ever got was, "If you are not getting nos, you are not asking for enough."

As 2017 kicks off, and I am marrying myself to an uncompromising year, I am going for the NO!

Are you in?

Here are my "Go For The No" rules:

1) Get at least one no every day.

I will ask for enough nos everyday that at least one person says no to me.

2) Ask with power, grace and joy.

Whoever and however I am asking, I will do it with grace and joy. Whether it is for a huge investment in women and girls or a request to make my latte a little hotter, I will ask powerfully and with grace and joy.

3) I will learn to love the no.

At the moment I hate when someone says no to me. It feels uncomfortable, messy, awkward and scary. I am going to take a breath every time I ask for "too much" and someone says no. I will let the no settle and realize it has very little meaning or power. I will get comfortable with the no. I will grow to love the no. (a stretch indeed!)

4) I will see no as a conversation starter to yes.

In an effort to please and make everyone comfortable I have often agree with nos. "Oh, yes, that makes sense, you probably can't make that happen." or "Right, I understand, ok, thank you." But now I use no as the first step to yes. "Hmm, I am curious about why this doesn't feel like a good fit, I would love to hear more, let's keep talking."

If we are not being told no, then we are not asking for enough. If we are not asking for enough, are we living full out?

In 2017, I am going for the no -- I hope you will join me!

niko everett