Strategic Thought Partnership

Why. Leaders hire me as a thought partner for two reasons.

1) To clear and commit to the time needed to get out of day to day and into next level thinking

2) To have a partner to make your ideas stronger, more creative, and inspired, before you bring them to your board, your boss, or your investors.

What. I work with leaders to conceptualize, develop, and implement new strategies, special projects, presentations, and business plans that have the potential to fundamentally change their business trajectory.

How. A typical thought partnership engagement can look like:

Frame the challenge: We define the problem we’re trying to solve, conduct interviews, review the data, clarify the path.

Define victory: We articulate the desired outcomes to measure against along the way.

Draw the Roadmap: We design a clear timeline, workflow, and review calendars and make a commitment to key milestones.

Build the strategy: This step takes many forms but ends with a final memo, strategy, or plan. To complete this step we create short term deliverables, continual feedback loops with edits and check-ins to maintain momentum. (This stage often includes stake holders and user interviews).


  • Prep: I provide structure, accountability, and timelines (this means you’ll get agendas, notes, and codified next steps everytime we meet)

  • Meetings: When we meet, I evoke your best thinking and I thought partner with you to build even more momentum. We move forward fast.

  • Between Meetings: I produce and execute deliverables alongside you. I provide feedback and edits on your deliverables. We work in quick loops.

  • Bonus: As a leadership coach I offer coaching along the way to elicit your creativity and efficiency.