It’s time for a strategy. Your company is growing and it’s time to develop a blueprint to take your social impact work to a new level.

You want to be known for “1 Big Thing”. Your current social impact work achieves outcomes in a number of areas. But, it’s hard to succinctly explain your impact to your employees, to your customers, and the media.

When will you make time for vision and strategy? Your team is growing, you’re spending your time managing, executing, and handling the day to day, and there’s very little bandwidth left for the big picture and strategy.

You want clear goals + objectives that everyone uses daily. Your team works hard but not always smart. The day to day grind sometimes feels disconnected from the world-changing impact you and your team are making. You want your team to know what “victory” is and the right path to achieve it so they use their and your time wisely.

W H A T + H O W

I provide the structure, accountability, and timeline so you can show up, do your best thinking and progress forward fast. I frame the process, ensure progress, and thought partner with you to elicit your brilliance. In many cases I will produce and execute deliverables alongside you.

Strategy Development.

Every company has a unique and critical social impact calling. We call it your “1 Big Thing”. We’ll define yours by:

  • Identifying your unique platform + assets (technology, people, time, funding)
    Articulating the problem (s) you are uniquely positioned to help solve

  • Using a process of matching and uncovering, we’ll identify your “1 Big Thing” where you’ll have an outsized impact

  • Engage internal and external stakeholders to get feedback and buy-in

Ultimately, we’ll design a strategy to align your business growth, grants, and volunteer engagement with your “1 Big Thing” to optimize the impact your company can have in the world.

Team Goals + Performance Metrics.

In order for you to build a world-class social impact team we’ll help you develop a set of measurable goals. These will keep your team simultaneously inspired by the vision and clear on what actions to take daily in order to “win”.

Using your company’s model (OKR, KPI, OMG, etc.) we’ll:
1) Customize a playbook and train your team to effectively set their goals annually and quarterly.
2) Support you and your team to implement goals + metrics as a tool for daily, weekly, monthly time planning, prioritization, communication, and performance setting. This includes integration into standing meetings + regular communication.

Performance Coaching.

We’ll provide 1:1 performance coaching to your lowest and/or highest performers to get them to the next level quickly. We’ll help them achieve their goals and strategy by:

1) Generating motivation by identifying how their work goals relate to their life goals
2) Increasing their creativity + productivity by improving their energy + mindset daily
3) Elevating their performance through radical focus using their goals as priorities daily