I've been loving offering these talks and workshops whenever I can. I've offered them at corporations, to entrepreneurs, and to creatives. No matter who I've been working with, we were able to ease exhaustion, overwhelm, and doubt. And what I most loved was seeing the women feel more awake, connected to their best ideas, worthy, and powerful.

1// Life Decision Filter: Design your life purpose, your annual goals, and the 4 things you must do weekly to maintain your base-line wellness. Learn how to use your goals + purpose to filter your decisions.

2 // Pitch with Purpose: Get clear on the problem you are solving, your solution, what you are asking for, the impact you want to have on people, and what makes you glow.

3// Stop Saying YES When You Mean NO: Take inventory of where you are agreeing to spend time + how much value these areas bring to your life + work. Develop a new practice for how to say NO in order to create space for you to spend time on the activities that will generate the outcomes you most want in your life.

4// Own Your Value! Learn why women’s brains are hardwired to make even the most accomplished women feel like frauds. Learn how to trust, own, and communicate your expertise.

5// Communicate with Power & Purpose: Identify and shift how you unintentionally undercut your value through your communication. Clarify your message and align it to your purpose. Ensure all the ways you are communicating {written, spoken, photos, videos, symbols, etc} are aligned with the message you want to convey.