Niko Everett, social entrepreneur and change agent, is an executive coach and motivational speaker. With a TEDx talk viewed by more than 1 million, she’s an inspirational troublemaker cheering women on to stop being good and start being brilliant. She’s spoken to women all over the world from Tajikistan to Stanford University. Niko grew her first venture, Girls For A Change, from her kitchen table to serve 20,000 girls globally, raised millions in growth capital, and is a diplomatic speaker for the US State Department.

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  • Being Bad + Brilliant: How Standout Leaders Break Rules and Inspire Others
  • Stop Saying YES When You Mean NO
  • Leaders Take Baths: The Revolution of Self-Care + How It Leads to Better Results


Title: Being Bad + Brilliant: How Standout Leaders Break Rules and Inspire Others
Length: 30-120 minutes
Abstract: Niko teaches women how to undo their “goodgirl” training and differentiate themselves from the crowd to be magnetic leaders and influencers on their own terms.

We are taught to be good, compliant, rule followers before we hit the first grade.
By the time we’re getting hitched and eying the corner office, we’re expert good girls. The perfect woman, executive, Mom, wife - who does it all.

Following the rules and being good only makes us exhausted and boring.
We end up looking, sounding, and acting like every other women in our sector and our yoga class.

To feel awake, alive, and to be truly brilliant - we need to ditch good and find our truth.
We need to let that truth lead us, even when it feels scary, uncomfortable, and unpopular. That will change your life, your business, and the world!

During Niko’s edgy, loving, interactive talk, you will learn the Bad & Brilliant system her clients use to create astounding results.  
You will learn to:

  • Stop saying YES when you mean NO
  • Ask for and get more (money, time, love, business, etc)
  • Love “networking” and being visible as your “bad” brilliant self
  • Distill your truth and purpose down to one concise sentence (to use in networking, social media, and branding)

Title: The “No” Account: How Learning to Say No will Generate the Time + Energy You Need for Your Goals
Length: 30-90 minutes
Abstract: Every woman who has big goals and deep desires she has not yet achieved needs to make more deposits into her “no” account.  

We learn early to override our NO in order to be “good” women. We ignore that little voice in our heads that says, “This isn’t exactly what I want to do,” and too do it anyway, putting off our goals and dreams.

This workshop teaches you the simple, life changing, and often elusive habit of finding your most powerful
“yeses” in life by learning how to use your “no” a whole lot more.  You’ll learn:

  • The #1 reason women’s dreams gather dust while work, family, and life roll forward
  • The six most important “nos” to start saying (and why to start before you’re ready)
  • The toxic impact unconscious “yeses” have on to our body, our bank account, and our relationships
  • What to do with other people’s discomfort when you start to say NO

Title: Leaders Take Baths: The Revolution of Self-Care + How It Leads to Better Results
Length: 30-90 minutes
Abstract: Exhaustion and overwhelm breed self-doubt and choke off your creativity and brilliance.

Niko walks you through the science that prooves why self-care makes you more effective, creative, loving, and profitable.
She explains how making four simple promises makes you a magnetic force in the world. Even before the talk is over, you will start the work of undoing old habits and building your four promises, beginning your path to:

  • Being more effective and producing more results
  • Being more creative and generating innovative ideas
  • Feeling more connected and loving in your relationships
  • Feeling clear and at peace with yourself


I showed up thinking this was a friendly women’s empowerment talk. DAMN was I wrong. I walked away knowing I needed to drop the BS and start being ME. So I did.  I’ve raised my rates, I’m making more than I have ever in my life. I needed someone to allow me to be my bad girl self. Thank you.

I want you to know that what you are doing is beyond inspiring. You've reignited fires and paved each of our paths with the most beautiful candlelight. You made us all a safe, cozy, authentic, truthful space to unwind and find our way back to ourselves & our dreams. This was the perfect, balanced package of strategy & soul.

Business is up. Referrals are up! And I am so done doing it any other way than MY way.

I’ve been trying to start this business for years. And through Niko’s talks and courses I did it. I started it. I have my first clients, my website it up and my daughter calls me a boss! I feel achieved and I only wish the course was longer.

You taught me that I am a BOSS! I have the skill, knowledge, eye, and passion to create a life that I love. And now I also support my family financially. I feel so good. I want more. I want to share this with others.

I am blown away by this creative process and how inspiring and powerful it is. Thank you so much!

I finally wrote a business plan and started a P+L!! Thank you for showing me the WHY behind this.

I felt unsure in life and in business and wasn’t clear on my direction for my business. After your course I know how to ask for help, how to take the important small steps to get to the BIG success. I have gained clarity on what is needed to succeed my way. And more importantly, I feel more confident in myself as a woman and an entrepreneur. I feel stronger, larger, and more determined on my path than ever.

Through your speaking and your workshops I achieved goals I didn’t even think I would ever establish. I’ve learned that with support, love, and goal setting, anything is possible.

Thank you for your work. I have gained clarity and an unexpected sense of self I didn’t know was possible. I learned to believe in myself and in my inherent adequacy. I feel like I have truly triumphed. I feel more deeply rooted to myself and this beautiful community.