Here's how I can help.


A transformative course for any woman ready to feel freedom from exhaustion, overwhelm, and doubt.

You will learn to live lit up and inspired by why you were put on this earth. 

Through this course you will:

1 // Consistently be able to connect to your heart, desires, and wisdom.

2 // Identify the impact you will make in the world.

3 // Design and launch an uncompromising strategy for an area of your life, a project, or venture.

4 // Build tools to doubt less + risk more.

5 // Become a part of an uncompromising community of women.


Spending an hour, a week, or an entire year with me is like co-creating with your biggest fan, thought partner, and candid advisor. (And we will always distinguish which role I am playing!)

I coach you to:

1 // Design and launch a clear strategy for an area of your life, a project, or venture.

2 // Receive thought partnership, tracking, accountability, and honest feedback from me.

3// Create communication + public speaking skills that are authentically you, highly effective, and powerful.

4 // Explore where you are seeking approval, allowing in self-doubt, and making unintentional compromises.

4 // Develop practices that connect you to your genius + most creative thinking.



I speak to large groups, on panels, and in intimate settings about Being Bad + Brilliant. I show you how to stop being good and start being brilliant.