Design Life on Your Own Terms (because who the heck wants to live on anyone else's terms!)

Work With Me

As your business coach, I’m your secret weapon, your candid advisor, and your biggest fan.
Together we’ll create a life for you that feels easier and less overwhelming.

I’ll show you all the ways you’re already a genius and help you step into them.
I’ll make damn sure you see your own genius.
And with that fearlessness in hand, you will make the huge impact you are meant to make in this world!


I’ll challenge you in the most loving ways to play way bigger.
I’ll have your back when living an extraordinary life feels hard.


 What does our coaching actually look like?

  • We start by setting goals for the next 6-12 months that make you feel more alive than you have in a long time.

  • You start taking small bold actions toward those goals every week.

  • You call, text, email me in the days between out sessions to report success, fear, failure. I cheer you on constantly.

  • Some weeks we do regular business building - I’ll review your marketing strategy or help you finalize your quarterly goals.

  • Other weeks I’ll lead you in a meditation to get your ass grounded.

  • I will train you to rewire your brain from doubt to power so you can make transformational changes in your life.

  • You will start making bigger, bolder asks and getting a lot more of what you want in your life.

  • We will track our work together toward your audacious goals.

  • And you will see results in tangible and intangible ways.


What goes on between our 1-1 sessions?

  • You’ll call, text, email me when you need partnership - before or after a big meeting or an important conversation.

  • I’ll send you articles and books to help you keep learning.

  • I’ll send you 2-minute customized meditations to use when you can’t fall asleep.

  • We’ll jump on the phone for 10 minutes when the shit is hitting the fan or to do a happy dance about your BIG WIN.

  • I’ll send you text high fives when you made it to the gym/yoga class for the 4th time this week.

  • We’ll talk while you are in the bathroom between back to back interviews for the job of your dreams and I’ll remind you who you are - THE ONE THEY NEED TO HIRE!

I do all this regularly with my clients.  And yes, the one who called from the bathroom?  She got the JOB.

Here are a few testimonials from clients.


"My year with Niko has proved more powerful than I could have imagined. Our work together helped me tap into my heart and see that I was seeking more, and I got offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Our work together has been the perfect mix of self care, grounding in myself, goal creating and crushing, professional success, and personal fulfillment."

- Erika Balbuena, Head of Impact Computing at Amazon Web Services


"Working with Niko has been life changing!  Our conversations run from personal to professional, big picture to specific and, when coupled with Niko’s emphasis on getting to the heart of the issue (while ensuring I have patience for myself and others on the journey) are extraordinarily valuable and lead to exceptional results."

- Jessica Skylar, Chief Growth Officer, Playworks


"I hired Niko as a thought partner. She enhanced my thinking and added emotional power to my ideas. She’s naturally inspirational, so therefore my strategy ended up being more inspired with her help."

- Erin Reilly, VP of Social Impact at Twilio


"Niko helped me build my confidence, pushed me to set higher goals, and taught me how to command my value. As a result, I've doubled my revenue and my vision for impact."

- Maria Choi, CEO & Founder, Raise For Good

What are your
WILDEST dreams?

What would be possible if you didn’t let fear stop you?
What would you be capable of if you took exceptional care of yourself?
What could you do if you silenced your voices of doubt?
What do you know - but barely let yourself dream about?
This is what we will do together!


Is this what you want?