Workshops + Talks I'm Giving + Loving

I've been loving offering these talks and workshops whenever I can. I've offered them at corporations, to entrepreneurs, and to creatives. No matter who I've been working with, we were able to ease exhaustion, overwhelm, and doubt. And what I most loved was seeing people feel more awake, connected to their best ideas, worthy, and powerful.

1// Life Decision Filter: You'll design your life purpose, your annual goals, and the 4 things you must do weekly to maintain your base-line wellness. You'll use your goals + purpose to filter your decisions.

2// Interrupt the Habit of Saying YES When You Mean NO: You’ll break the good girl rules of saying YES when you really mean NO. You'll learn to allow other people's disappointed and discomfort.

3// Own Your Worth! Learn why women’s brains are hardwired to make even the most accomplished women feel like frauds. Shift the story in your head from self-doubt to expertise. Learn how to ask for + receive more. Stop doing the top 5 things most women do to undercut their value.

4// Communicate with Power & Purpose: Identify and shift how you are unintentionally undercutting your value through your communication. Clarify your message and align it to your purpose. Ensure that all the ways you are communicating {written, spoken, photos, videos, symbols, etc} are aligned with the message you most want to convey.

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