{VIDEO} I Promise to Listen to You

Here’s what I really want to tell you. Don’t listen to me! Listen to you. That’s what I want every girl to know. I want them to grow up strengthening the voice inside them that tells them which way to go. I want them to trust their gut, their intuition, and their deep knowing above all else. And I want us to retrain ourselves to know ourselves as our own guru and our own expert.

If you ever feel like there are so many voices, so much advice, and so many opinions coming at you everyday, take a sec to watch this three minute video.

And take this moment to listen to yourself as the expert. I want to know, “what do you know is best for you?” “What do you believe in?” “What do you need?”

Let’s start listening to one another as if we are the experts of ourselves.

Because we are.


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