I've been teaching this workshop like CRAZY lately. From Silicon Valley to Pasadena to Newport beach. People have been asking me to tell them more - so here you go!!

In this workshop I’ll share two things I learned after 10 years starting & growing a national organization that made me better at getting what I want for my business (and my whole life!).
1) How to shift from your self-doubt story to your expert story
2) If you are not hearing NO, you are not asking for enough

You’ll leave this workshop trusting, owning, and communicating your expertise. You’ll learn how to ask for and receive more.

Together we will:

  • Learn why women’s brains are hardwired to make even the most accomplished women feel like frauds
  • Notice, track, and retrain your self-doubt mind into an expert mind
  • Learn and practice the Art of Going for the No (and neutralizing your reaction)
  • Stop doing the top 5 things you do to undercut your value
  • Start asking for and receiving more

Come ready to go all in, support each other to create new habits, and take some serious risks together.


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