{VIDEO} Shock Your System Out of Anxiety + Back Into Truth

If there are times when the voice of anxiety and fear are so loud that you feel paralyzed and unproductive, the simple practice I talk about in this video below is key for you.

Normally, when you're feeling uncertain, I coach you to settle down and connect in. To disconnect from the external voices and to connect to your internal voice, knowing, and divinity.  But when fear and anxiety are running rampant, sometimes “getting quiet” just won’t work and you need something else to help you come back to seeing what is true versus what is “crazy” (you know what I mean).  

I’m so grateful to have learned this tip and it’s saved my ass so many times. 

Check it out and tell me how it works for you. (Warning - I bang on the table!! I won't apologize - because it comes from my deep love for you. But I do promise to move the mic next time:)