{VIDEO} Do You Say Yes When You Mean No?

Can you imagine what life would be like if you said NO every time you meant it?

That freedom is what being uncompromising is about. Knowing how much you want to give and how much you want to receive in order to feel totally awake, aligned, respected, and valued (by you).

In this video, I talk about why most people give more than they want to give and don’t ask for what they really want.

If you are a perfectionist (check), people-pleaser (check), or seek other’s approval (check) — grab a chair darlin!

Next week I’m going to send you five steps to start interrupting this habit of saying YES when you mean NO.

Between now and then think about who you can start to practice this with. Learning the tools is not hard, it’s the practicing them that’s tough. Don’t go it alone. Grab a friend who wants to feel on fire and connected to their wisdom and do this with them. Build your uncompromising community.

With uncompromising love,